Our Promise

We are more than just a testing company. We solve problems from a holistic point of view, not only treating the symptoms but providing solutions to fix the root cause. When you call us on-site we act as an extension of your team and foster a long-term relationship with your staff to ensure your process success long after our work is complete. Through research-backed techniques and first-class customer care, our team will solve critical issues on-site and provide your team with the tools they need to ensure long-term success.

Not all analyses are the same. We only use research-grade equipment to ensure we deliver our clients the most accurate data possible. While this is easily achieved in our laboratories, to ensure quality is not lost in the field we ship a mobile suite full of research-grade equipment to our on-site projects. All of our analytical testing and analysis is then completed by certified and professional chemists to ensure absolute precision.

Immediately after our analysis preliminary results are available to your staff. Our team on-site will conduct a wrap-up meeting prior to our departure to go over any questions and steps moving forward. Our Final Analytical Reports will be delivered once your data has been thoroughly reviewed in accordance with our stringent quality assurance program.

By blending our analytical expertise and on-site process experience, our engineers approach each project with zeal, understanding the critical link between theoretical and practical solutions. All of our process engineers undergo comprehensive training provided by our principal engineers as well as weekly skill sessions to ensure each member of our team can accurately diagnose and treat your process. We have created an engineering team full of qualified and skilled professionals who are hyper-focused on performance testing, troubleshooting, and optimization. Improving your unit performance is our only product.

Unplanned shutdowns, unexpected upsets and flat-out process emergencies can cause extensive destruction without the proper know-how of how to solve the situation. Our technical staff are no strangers to taking the red-eye flight to be at your facility the next day in order to solve your operational emergencies as soon as possible. With 4 offices spanning 3 continents, we can drive our mobile suite full of research-grade equipment to your site the same day if the location allows. Emergencies do not happen 9 am – 5 pm, we understand that and value being a trusted extension of your team, no matter the time or place.

The price our sales managers quote is all-inclusive; there are no hidden costs or extra charges. We price our projects based on a lump sum cost focused on the daily rate, not by the individual process sample. The sample list contained within our proposals is customized to your specific needs. However, our crew will take as many samples as needed, time permitting, without additional cost, in order to solve the problem. Solving your operational issues is our main priority and will do whatever it takes to do so while onsite without hidden fees.

Technical Leadership

World-renowned expertise that acts as an extension of your team. Each one of these engineers is well-known industry experts in their respective category, leading the way for our team of highly qualified professionals.


Staying at the forefront of innovation while remaining true to our roots is how we provide the industry with proven results and quality reporting.

Clean Technology Innovation Award

CETAC-West, 2015

For groundbreaking enterprise contributions to the global green technology marketplace, and for advocating the economic potential that will ensure Canada’s place in the evolving CleanTech Industry.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

CETAC-West, 2014

For business success that surpasses even the high achievement synonymous with CETAC’s history, by starting a company that now operates in over 64 countries*
*Now 72 total countries.

Alumni Achievement Award

CETAC-West, 2003

For those who exhibit exceptional innovation, tenacity and other entrepreneurial skills.

The Sulphur Industry Award

Sulphur Magazine

In recognition of his outstanding contribution and dedication to training and development in the sulphur industry over the past 32 years.

Presidents Safety Award

Gas Processing Association of Canada, 2006

The President’s Safety Award acknowledges 10 years of safe work.

Founding Industry Patron

Gas Processing Association of Canada

For your generous support of GPAC, a non-profit organization formed to promote the interaction and exchange of ideas and technology to those involved with or affected by the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Safety Award

Gas Processing Association of Canada 2009-2021

The cornerstone of success is the awareness and implementation of safe operating practices. The GPAC Safety Awards Program is an important part of an industry-wide recognition for safe work at gas handling facilities.

Certificate of Authorization

The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan

Authorized to practice under Section 22 of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act of Saskatchewan.

Our Anthem

Our Experts are a powerhouse of advanced analytical capabilities coupled with unmatched engineering experience that allows both tenured and junior engineers the ability to confidently operate their system and achieve peak performance, in a safe, reliable and sustainable matter.