Analytical Services

Our laboratories use research-grade equipment to deliver accurate data and proven results, imperative when making sound process and engineering decisions.

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Engineering Studies

With our 50 years of on-site process experience and design evaluations, our engineers execute using the critical link between theoretical and practical engineering solutions.

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On-Site Support

Our team takes a holistic approach when problem-solving for current issues and future operational goals. Every process is unique, we find the best solution for you.

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Technical Training

The success of your unit is dependent on your team. We give your operators, engineers, and managers the tools and confidence to safely and reliably operate your process unit.

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Our Impact

It is our mission to facilitate the safe and reliable operation of refineries worldwide while also maintaining environmental stewardship. With quality equipment, carefully crafted methodologies, and top-of-the-line customer care, our team will solve your toughest operational issues.


Ensuring units worldwide are performing as safe and reliable as possible without compromise, since 1965.


Maintaining environmental regulations is crucial to the longevity of our industry and one of our specialties.


Our work is borderless. With offices spanning multiple continents, we can be on-site immediately for emergency visits.


Educating professionals, worldwide since 1977. Our courses transfer knowledge in the most practical manner possible.



Interactive five-day technical training courses comprised of industry best practices, thought-provoking methodologies and real-world experience, our courses will alter the way you approach your unit. From basic chemistry to complex process problems, you will leave our course well-equipped to tackle your most challenging operational issues.

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