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Amine Expert’s technical training courses are founded on transferring our knowledge in the most realistic, practical, and effective manner possible. These courses cover all aspects of design, operation, troubleshooting, and engineering involving amine systems and sour water stripper plants. Every student takes away improved process insight and clear strategies to enhance the operation and health of their system. This program is generally presented over five days and includes informal evening Q&A sessions with the instructors. It is presented numerous times per year around the world. The presentation material is included in a workbook and our published textbook is supplied for detailed study.

Since our first course in 1999, our goal for every attendee is to walk away with a deeper understanding of their unit process. To ensure every aspect of our course is completely understood, we encourage students to ask questions during the presentation and at our evening Q&A sessions. We have trained over 3,000 industry professionals ranging from newly hired operators to senior-level management teams.

Dehydrations Expert’s technical training course provides specialised guidance in the design, operation, and troubleshooting of dehydration and refrigeration processes. The scope and objectives include:

  • a review of the science behind the formation of hydrates;
  • dehydration and refrigeration systems and their application in gas processing;
  • an overview of current technologies for hydrate control, dehydration, hydrocarbon recovery, and hydrocarbon dew point control;
  • practical process knowledge to facilitate system performance and optimization; and
  • equipping participants to recognize and troubleshoot performance problems in their units.

Our course provides a comprehensive overview of the need for, and application of, dehydration and refrigeration technologies in gas processing. It also presents genuine case studies to expose participants to a range of real-life operational problems. Each case is discussed in detail and solutions are provided.  Our course presents theoretical principles of dehydration and refrigeration but also focuses on practical aspects of system design and operation.

The training will be of value to those interested in obtaining the absolute best performance from their dehydration and refrigeration units for gas processing. It is ideal for scientists, engineers, and operators who want to become a reliable resource for dehydration and refrigeration knowledge in their company. Attendees will also obtain practical information to help reduce operating costs, maintenance costs, and how to improve system performance.

Our Sulphur Recovery Course covers all aspects of the modified-Claus process, tail gas treating units, and of all additional units associated with these processes from thermal oxidizers to liquid sulphur degassing. Our course focuses on the optimized operation and efficiency of sulphur recovery units, as well as on industry best practices related to design, reliability, and safety. Our course supplies a thorough understanding of all units within the sulphur plant, providing invaluable knowledge for anyone working directly or indirectly with these facilities. Our courses are used extensively by operating, research, design, and construction companies in the sulphur recovery industry.

This course is presented over five days and takes place at various locations around the world each year. Attendees will have the opportunity to interface with the speakers during the class as well as in non-classroom settings. All attendees receive a workbook copy of all presentation materials as well as additional textbooks for a more detailed background study. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the entire sulphur recovery process and will be able to offer immediate contributions in their roles within the sulphur recovery industry.

All Sulphur Experts’ presenters have 20 to 30 years of direct design and hands-on operational and troubleshooting experience with sulphur recovery units and have each worked at hundreds of facilities around the world. This background is supplemented by additional guest speaker presentations by industry leaders in their respective fields. The Sulphur Recovery Course was first presented in 1977 and has since been presented over 150 times and to more than 6,000 attendees; it is recognized globally as the premier training course on this subject.

Our Advanced Amine Training and Sulphur Recovery Course is specifically aimed at those who already have prior training and/or experience in Amine Treating or Sulphur Recovery, or those whose job duties require detailed knowledge in the topics covered (i.e. turnaround planners, subject matter experts, incident investigators, project managers, engineering managers, etc.). Attendees will leave with an advanced understanding of Amine Treating and Sulphur Recovery and will receive key textbooks on the subjects to facilitate ongoing study.

There is a direct correlation between the quality of operator training and the operation of the unit. Training packages are available from generic process fundamentals to in-depth plant-specific training modules, and everything in between. These sessions would be beneficial for anyone involved in operations who would like to expand their knowledge of the process.

Our condensed on-site is most often presented over two days but can be extended or shortened to cover anywhere between one and three days. The course is very interactive, with all attendees encouraged to assist in reviewing the current plant operation and to be part of a recommendation on the future optimized operation. All attendees receive a workbook copy of all presentation materials, with additional textbooks provided to the group for a more detailed background study. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the entire sulphur recovery process and will be able to offer immediate contributions in their roles at our client site.

There is a final exam and certifications of completion can be provided upon request. All our courses are recognized as Continuing Education for engineers, or for anyone requiring credits to maintain annual certifications.

Tartan Academy, in conjunction with Sulphur Experts Inc., offers virtual courses spanning many topics in the oil and gas industry, including Amine Treating, Gas Dehydration and Sulphur Recovery. These specialty training courses are accessible and reliable, created by field professionals, and brought directly to you. Tartan Academy courses are available at any time of day, anywhere in the world.

Our unique platform strives to create high quality training materials with an emphasis on accessibility. Our courses use 3D animation to guide students through the inner workings of equipment and plant procedures, using diagrams, animation, and real images and examples from the field. Tartan Academy, in conjunction with Sulphur Experts Inc., aims make best practices training easier than ever before.

To learn more about Tartan Academy and our online training options, please fill out our contact us form.

Our Instructors

Real-world experience, in-depth operational insight and practical solutions all shared with you by the go-to subject matter experts.

Mike Sheilan

Amine Treating & Gas Dehydration

Michael has been involved in the gas processing industry for 43 years. He has a long history of expertise in training operators and engineers in gas processing as well as troubleshooting all aspects of upstream gas treating processes. More recently, he has focused on dehydration and amine sweetening as a senior principal engineer for both Amine and Dehydration Experts. He is one of the Principal Speakers of the Amine Experts’ 5-day Amine Treating and Sour Water Stripping Technical Training Courses, as well as the 3-day Dehydration Course.

Jan Kiebert

Sulphur Recovery

Jan Kiebert has B.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics. He has over 20 years of experience and has been directly involved in all aspects of the process engineering inspections, design evaluations, testing and optimization projects for a wide range of facilities and clients. Jan is one of the primary speakers at our world-recognized Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Courses.

Ben Spooner

Amine Treating

Ben is a Petroleum Engineer with over two decades of experience providing technical support to the amine industry as an operator, technical specialist, and consulting engineer. Ben is one of the primary speakers at Amine Expert’s world-recognized Amine Treating Technical Training Course and heads our amine service practice area. He is responsible for aligning our amine services with customer needs and ensuring our position as a world leader in this area is maintained. Engineer Spooner is the key technical contact for clients seeking information and support on amine-related issues.

Joe Brindle

Amine Treating, Sour Water Stripping & Sulphur Recovery

A chemical engineer by training, since 2004 Joe has specialized in sulphur recovery and tail gas treating, as well as amine treating and sour water stripping. His experience includes project review and approvals, plant design and construction, commissioning and start-up, turnaround planning, and execution, failure investigations, as well as running plant optimization. He is a co-presenter of Sulphur Experts’ Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course and provides virtual and on-site training for engineers and operators around the world.

Jamie Swallow

Sulphur Recovery

James assumed the position of President of Sulphur Experts in August 2014 and is responsible for all aspects of corporate performance. He is intimately familiar with all aspects of the process engineering consulting work conducted by the company and is still actively involved in sulphur recovery-related projects. James has a master’s degree in chemical engineering and nearly 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He joined Sulphur Experts in 2003 following careers in the environmental service industry, facility operations and instrumentation, and controls system design.

Drew Gibson

Gas Dehydration and Refrigeration

Drew is a Red Seal Journeyman Millwright with 15 years of experience in the natural gas compression and process industry. Early in his career, Drew was intensively involved in the maintenance and overhauling of low/high-speed natural gas engines and compressors. Drew gradually worked into more gas processing systems (Amine, Dehydration, Refrigeration, Frac trains), and later attended the GPO (Gas Process Operations) course offered at SAIT polytechnic. Being a process specialist, Drew has been involved globally in a variety of gas processing plants. These responsibilities included construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, general operations, and troubleshooting. His focus is to help troubleshoot and optimize TEG/DEG, EG-Refrigeration, Mole sieve, and fractionation systems.

Steve Ayres

Amine Treating & Gas Dehydration

Steve is a Chemical Engineer with 13 years of experience in gas processing. He has been involved in natural gas projects all over the world providing knowledge and training in hydrate control, gas dehydration, gas sweetening amine, and glycol reclamation, and liquids recovery. Steve has supported these areas with expertise in plant simulation, process design, operation troubleshooting, and start-up support. Steve has been involved in the advancement of glycol reclamation technologies through research and patent development.

Leah Goettler

Sulphur Recovery

Leah Goettler is a Chemical Engineer graduate from the University of Alberta with 4 years of experience as a Process Engineer-in-Training at Sulphur Experts. During that time, she has been directly involved in more than 35 different sulfur recovery plant projects, with work ranging from testing and optimization to design evaluations across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Eastern Mediterranean. She co-authored “The Impact of Biofeed Co-processing on Conventional Refinery Amine, Sour Water Stripping, and Sulphur Recovery Units”, and presented that paper at the 2021 Advanced Amine Treating and Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course.

Eduardo Sanhueza

Amine Treating & Suphur Recovery – Bilingual Liaison

Eduardo has worked successfully on more than 80 different projects located over 5 continents performing environmental evaluations, SRU, amine and SWS, technology assessments, emissions control, troubleshooting, capacity evaluations, energy assessments and optimization, operator and engineer training. He has written publications related to process failures and has presented our papers at international conferences. Eduardo is a high-performance process engineer, focused and ready to work under pressure accomplishing challenging tasks and high standard objectives in areas related to Operations, Commercial, Engineering and Environment. He has led operation teams for 3 years and has worked very closely with petroleum, hydrotreating, natural gas facilities and SRU unit operations for over 10 years. Eduardo is leading our Business Development in Latin America providing full bilingual technical and commercial coverage around the region.