Who We Are

We have developed numerous proprietary analytical techniques for assessing, troubleshooting and optimizing amine, dehydration, and sulphur units since our inception in 1965. Our commitment to producing accurate on-site analyses has permitted us to assemble an immense database of facility operations. Using the gas and liquids analyses coupled with our client’s mechanical and operating data, we determine the process performance and make recommendations for better operability, safety, reliability, and unit efficiency.

In late 2021 SGS acquired a majority stake in Sulphur Experts Inc. SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. By working together we can enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.


Our Difference

We can field several test crews simultaneously, complete with the specialized equipment and engineering support necessary for the on-site testing, evaluation, and troubleshooting process. With almost no interruption to the unit, our field staff can increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of catalysts and solvents. This is achieved by making changes to the operating conditions and by identifying sources of contaminants. In return, this eliminates reliability concerns that could lead to equipment damage and failure, off-spec product, unplanned shutdowns, and environmental deviations. Following the site visit, our client will have immediate and long-term solutions, ranging from no-cost options to those requiring equipment or operating investment.

  •  Specialized Equipment
  •  Long-term Solutions
  •  Engineering Support


Setting the Gold Standard

Our history of data analysis and problem-solving has made us the leaders in process investigation and training. Our publications, texts, and technical training courses on sulphur, amine, and dehydration processes have become the gold standard. We are proud to have developed the foremost sulphur plant simulator, now a part of the popular ASPENTECH group of products.


Research & Development

Our goal is to help increase safety, reliability, and production for our industry partners. Our Research and Development Department is continuously working towards achieving this goal by innovating our analytical and engineering technologies to improve the evaluation process.

  •  Advancing Technologies
  •  Improving Operations


Worldwide Operations

Our work is borderless. Our experts can easily assist remotely in any time zone with start-ups and shutdowns or identify and resolve situations that would otherwise result in lost profits. We take great pride in improving operations and reducing emissions from oil and gas facilities across the globe. With offices in Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, and Chile we can and will mobilize quickly in the most demanding situations.


What Sets Us Apart

Sulphur Experts Inc., which consists of Amine Experts, Dehydration Experts, and Sulphur Experts, has completed close to 5,000 projects around the world. By choosing the experts, you are choosing to apply our experience, expertise, and technology to your efficiency, reliability, and profitability issues. Our staff of engineers, scientists, technologists, and technical support personnel have more than 400 years of combined industry experience. This expert experience has contributed to the authoring of more than 65 papers and the training of over 16,000 industry professionals in regional and on-site seminars.

Our Anthem

Our Experts are a powerhouse of advanced analytical capabilities coupled with unmatched engineering experience that allows both tenured and junior engineers the ability to confidently operate their system and achieve peak performance, in a safe, reliable and sustainable matter.