Ensuring the industry operates in the most cost-effective and environmentally sound manner since 1965.

Photo circa 1998

Pictured from left to right: Jamie Swallow, Farsin Derakhshan, Brent Lloyd, John Sames, Peter Dale, Bruce Klint, Marty Miller, Gerald Bohme.

Our History

We are, and always have been, an independent process engineering group comprised of engineers, scientists, technologists, and support personnel. We are well-known in the industry for not only providing crucial services to the gas processing and refining industries but for our top-of-the-line customer care. Our Board of Directors is comprised of a select few that started our parent company, Western Research, more than 50 years ago. We still employ many of the techniques, theories, and services that were pioneered by the process engineering group of BOVAR Western Research. Since then we have expanded our horizons by staying true to who we are but evolving through our impressive research and development department. Every member of our team continues the tradition of providing quality services and training to the industry.

One of our key achievements in recent years is the development of Sulsim®, the world’s most sophisticated sulphur plant simulation software.


SGS enhances its Sustainability Solutions with the acquisition of a majority stake in Sulphur Experts Inc.


Officially completed plant testing in 70 total countries.


Dehydration Experts launched as a discipline.


SULSIM® software sold to Aspen Technology.


Surpassed 50 employees in three main offices, located in Calgary, Alberta; Kemah, Texas; and Katwijk, Netherlands.


SULSIM® 7 was released and used as a standard by designers and operating plants alike.


FTIR-based H2S-in-liquid sulphur analyzer commercialized.


Sulphur Experts Inc International operation headquarters was established in Barbados.


Amine Treating and Sour Waste Stripping textbook was written by Sheilan, van Hoorn and Spooner is published.

200th international technical training course on Sulphur Recovery and Amine Treating, presented in Bahrain.


European office moved from Germany to the Netherlands.


A US subsidiary established in Texas, USA.

Amine Experts were established to meet the need for amine process evaluation and training.


100th international Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course is presented in Istanbul, Turkey.


European office managed by John Sames opens in Frankfurt, Germany.


SULSIM®, an SRU process simulation software, was released for commercial licensing.


Sulphur Recovery Unit test work is completed in Europe.

The first European Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course is presented in Amsterdam, NL.


First edition of our Sulphur Recovery Textbook written by Paskall and Sames published.


Work commenced commercializing in-house SRU and Incineration simulation software to run on a personal computer.


First international Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course is presented in Houston, TX.


The Capability of the Modified-Claus Process by Paskall is published.

The first Sulphur Recovery Technical Training Course is presented in Calgary. AB.


First performance test conducted outside Canada – in the USA.


Initiate extensive government-funded research into the Modified-Claus process.


The predecessor to our company, Western Research and Development, is established by Joe Lukacs in Canada.

Brand Anthem

Our Experts are a powerhouse of advanced analytical capabilities coupled with unmatched engineering experience that allows both tenured and junior engineers the ability to confidently operate their system and achieve peak performance, in a safe, reliable and sustainable matter.