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Sulphur Recovery Course

Recognized globally as the premier Training Course on the subject, our Sulphur Recovery Course is presented annually at selected locations in Canada, the United States and Europe. The Courses are also conducted periodically in other locations around the world based on demand. These five-day Courses cover every aspect of sulphur recovery, and provide a comprehensive background to anyone involved in the industry. Sulphur Experts has presented more than 200 of these Courses around the world to more than 9000 industry professionals. The Course is used extensively by operating, research, design and construction companies in the sulphur recovery industry at all levels. The Sulphur Recovery Course is a comprehensive five-day Course which focuses on nine key topics. Select the following link to download a copy of our 2019 Sulphur Recovery Course Brochure.


The objectives of the Sulphur Experts (Western Research) Course are to:

  • Review the science behind the modified Clause reaction
  • Review the many technology applications currently in use for sulphur recovery and tail gas treatment
  • Review the basics required for optimizing performance on a unit by unit basis from the reaction furnace to the tail gas incinerator
  • Equip participants to troubleshoot and address performance problems

The Course provides a forum for delegates to discuss design and operating problems with expert panel members and other delegates. The Course also provides hands-on problem solving experience using sulphur plant simulation software. Delegates are encouraged to bring operating data to the problem solving session to find solutions to their specific issues.

Who Should Attend?

The Seminar will be of value to anyone interested in obtaining information on the current status of Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Clean-Up technology and operating practice. The Seminars have helped all disciplines involved in sulphur plant design and operation including managers, engineers, process foremen, plant engineers, plant supervisors, research engineers and scientists, project engineers, technical managers, and pollution control engineers and scientists.


The morning and afternoon Sessions consist of organized presentations covering the material included in the Course textbook and technical papers. Time is provided for an effective question and answer session on each topic. Delegates will also have the opportunity to use a sulphur plant simulator Sulsim®, during a problem-solving workshop to address their own challenges based on their own plant data, or can work independently on specific case studies.

Course Language

All Training Sessions are presented in English, and all written materials and the computer software used during the course are also in English.

Select the following link to view the Sulphur Recovery Course Outline.

Course Registration

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Select the following link to download a copy of our 2019 Sulphur Recovery Course Brochure

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