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Plant Start-up and Shutdown Support

The start-up and shutdown of Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) and Tail Gas Units (TGU) can pose significant risk to plant equipment and personnel. This risk dictates that specialised procedures are developed and followed, to ensure the units are effectively controlled throughout the process. Integrity of the equipment and safety of personnel are paramount. Effective planning, with the right information, can minimize these risks, preserving catalyst life to the extent practical and minimise costs.

Safe start-up and shutdown activities require careful planning and qualified engineering support. Sulphur Experts has provided experienced support to dozens of plant operators during their plant start-ups and shutdowns. Sulphur Experts can provide you with:

  • Qualified review and modification of existing procedures prior to the commencement of plant activities
  • Start-up and shutdown procedure review and training for plant personnel
  • On-site monitoring of all key start-up and shutdown activities including data collection and review and critical gas analyses including:
    • Reaction furnace conditions
    • Catalyst bed conditions
    • Detailed gas analysis during fuel gas firing to ensure efficient and safe burner operations
Sulphur Experts
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Sulphur Experts
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