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Process Simulation Studies

Sulphur Experts has extensive experience in process simulation studies for sulphur recovery facilities using Sulsim® sulphur plant simulation program as well as other industry standard simulation programs (ProMax™, ProTreat™ and others).

These simulation studies can be used to support a wide variety of engineering studies including:

  • Determining the current SRU recovery efficiency of your plant using actual recent plant data
  • Predicting the reaction furnace performance for the processing of specific acid gas compositions
  • Determining the effect of catalyst activity on overall plant recovery performance.
  • The simulations will reflect the expected performance with new catalyst (“start of run”) and deactivated catalyst (typical for “end of run”) conditions
  • The effects on the Claus reaction and the COS and CS2 hydrolysis rates will be evaluated
  • Determining the specific operating conditions required for optimum recovery efficiency (converter and condenser temperatures, etc.)
  • Identify and determine the effect of various plant problems on recovery efficiency capability (air flow control, leaking switching valves, poor bed regeneration, etc.)
  • Evaluate the impact of other possible plant emission sources (pit vent, H2S in incinerator fuel gas, etc.) on overall plant emissions
  • Providing detailed material and heat balances for future detailed design engineering.
Sulphur Experts
Amine Experts
Dehydration Experts
Sulphur Experts
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