Technical Training Course

Sulphur Recovery

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Mendoza, Argentina,
South America

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March 28 – April 1, 2022

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3000 USD

Our Sulphur Recovery Course covers all aspects of the modified-Claus process, tail gas treating units, and of all additional units associated with these processes from thermal oxidizers to liquid sulphur degassing. Our course focuses on the optimized operation and efficiency of sulphur recovery units, as well as on industry best practices related to design, reliability, and safety. Our course supplies a thorough understanding of all units within the sulphur plant, providing invaluable knowledge for anyone working directly or indirectly with these facilities.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interface with the speakers during the class as well as in non-classroom settings. All attendees receive a workbook copy of all presentation materials as well as additional textbooks for a more detailed background study.

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Hotel Information:

Sheraton Mendoza Hotel

A special room rate of approximately USD 130/night + taxes is available for all course registrants. Hotel accommodation and meals, except for breakfast, are not included in the registration fee and are the responsibility of each participant upon checking out of the hotel.

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Sulphur Recovery Argentina

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