Technical Training Course

Amine Treating And Sour Water Stripping

Sulphur Recovery

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Buenos Aires, Argentina,
South America

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March 20 – 24, 2023

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3300 or 2200 USD*

3800 or 2500 USD

*Course cost is dependent on the training selected. Price shown includes early bird discount.

This year in Buenos Aires we are presenting one week of technical training in English and Spanish! The first half of the week (March 20 – 22, 2023) will cover Amine Treating and the second half of the week (March 22 – 24, 2023) will cover Sulphur Recovery. To register, scroll to the bottom of the page, complete the form and select which course(s) you would like to attend.

Pricing (not including the Early Bird Discount):
Full week of Amine Treating & Sulphur Recovery Technical Training (March 20 – 24, 2023): 3800 USD
Amine Treating Technical Training (March 20 – 22, 2023): 2500 USD
Sulphur Recovery Technical Training (March 22 – 24, 2023): 2500 USD

Amine Treating & Sour Water Stripping Course:
Amine Expert’s technical training courses are founded on transferring our knowledge in the most realistic, practical, and effective manner possible. These courses cover design, operation, troubleshooting, and engineering involving amine systems and sour water stripper plants. Every student takes away improved process insight and clear strategies to enhance the operation and health of their system.

Sulphur Recovery Course:
Our Sulphur Recovery Course covers the modified-Claus process, tail gas treating units, and of all additional units associated with these processes from thermal oxidizers to liquid sulphur degassing. Our course focuses on the optimized operation and efficiency of sulphur recovery units, as well as on industry best practices related to design, reliability, and safety. Our course supplies a thorough understanding of all units within the sulphur plant, providing invaluable knowledge for anyone working directly or indirectly with these facilities.

Attendees will have the opportunity to interface with the speakers during the class as well as in non-classroom settings. All attendees receive a workbook copy of all presentation materials as well as additional textbooks for a more detailed background study.

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Buenos Aires Bundle

Course Agenda

These topics will be covered throughout our intensive 5-day training course. If you decide to only enroll in the Amine Treating training you will be in class day 1, day 2 and half of day 3. If you attend only our Sulphur Recovery training you will be in class half of day 3, day 4 and day 5. For questions, please contact

Amine Treating Day 1

  1. Introduction
  2. Process Principles
  3. Amine Chemistry and Selection
  4. Equipment Review
  5. Amine Analyses

Amine Treating Day 2

  1. Meeting Treat Specification
  2. Loss Reduction and Foaming Control
  3. Corrosion Control and Case Studies
  4. Filtration

Amine Treating Day 3 Morning

  1. Degradation and Heat Stable Salts
  2. Sour Water Stripping

Sulphur Recovery Day 3 Afternoon

  1. Introduction
  2. Basis of the Claus Process
  3. Reaction Furnace

Sulphur Recovery Day 4

  1. Converters and Reheaters
  2. Condensers
  3. Degassing and Solidification
  4. Process Control
  5. Tail Gas Clean Up

Sulphur Recovery Day 5

  1. Oxygen Enrichment
  2. Startups and Shutdowns
  3. Test Methods and Optimization
  4. Incineration
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Discount Options:

Early Bird Discount

Individuals who register early and pay online using our secure credit card payment option will qualify for our Early Bird Discount.
Discount is applied automatically during checkout if registered before February 10th, 2023.

If you are registering for the full week you will receive a 500 USD discount bringing your course total to 3300 USD at check out. If you register for our 2.5-day Amine Treating training or our Sulphur Recovery training, you will receive a discount of 300 USD bringing your total to 2200 USD.

Colleague Discount

Our Colleague Discount is available for individuals from the same company and facility. Upon payment, you will receive a code for your colleague to use to redeem the discount. The Colleague Discount is only available to the “Colleague” and does not apply to the original registrant.

Group Rate

If you are registering 3 or more colleagues from the same company and facility, email our training coordinator at or contact your regional sales engineer to redeem our special group rate.

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Hotel Information:

InterContinental Buenos Aires, an IHG Hotel

This Buenos Aires Hotel represents the sophisticated and classic style of this historical city. Enjoy the beautifully designed suites, indoor pool and onsite spa. Conveniently located near major cultural attractions such as museums, theatres, traditional coffee shops and famous neighborhoods such as San Telmo and Florida Avenue, this luxurious hotel will let you experience the authentic Argentina.

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