H2S in Liquid Sulphur Analyser (FTIR)

Sulphur Experts has a worldwide reputation for providing products and services unique to the sulphur industry. In particular, our H2S in Liquid Sulphur Analyser is specifically designed for the measurement of H2S and H2Sx dissolved in liquid sulphur. This analyser is used extensively throughout the industry to establish the amount of total H2S in raw product sulphur and the effectiveness of sulphur degassing systems.

How Does It Work?

A small sample of liquid sulphur (50 to 60 ml) is introduced into the custom sample cell via a top-mounted funnel built into the unit. The cell is then positioned within the FTIR instrument with the aid of alignment pins, and a scan is initiated from the controlling computer. A typical scan usually takes 35-45 seconds. The resulting absorbance spectra are saved automatically and the calibration macro run. The absorbance peaks are measured by the FTIR software, and the H2S and H2Sx concentrations are calculated from these peak heights and displayed. The sampling process takes about one minute, and is no more complicated than filling the cell and pressing a button. 

Normal operating range is 0 – 500 ppmv covering all possible samples in the SRU. Typical accuracy is ± 5 to 10% at levels down to 2 ppmv measured as H2S.

Sulphur Experts can provide a complete testing system including the FTIR analyser, proprietary sample measurement cell and sulphur sampling containers.

Click on the following link to download a copy of our Sx-FTIR H2S in Liquid Sulphur Brochure.