Plant Testing and Troubleshooting

Sulphur Experts has completed hundreds of on-site plant tests and troubleshooting projects at facilities around the world. If your plant is not meeting its recovery efficiency expectations or is suffering from unacceptable operating or reliability issues, Sulphur Experts can provide detailed evaluation and troubleshooting services at your plant site. Through a combination of proprietary and specialised analytical methods, engineering tools (including Sulsim®), and process knowledge, Sulphur Experts can provide detailed evaluation and recommendations to improve your sulphur recovery or tail gas clean-up process.

Sulphur Experts has completed plant testing projects in all of the available sulphur recovery technologies and has intimate and direct experience and knowledge of these processes including:

  • Modified-Claus
  • ClinSulf™
  • Sub-dewpoint including Sulfreen™, MCRC™, CBA™, MaxiSulf™ and others
  • Superclaus™ and Euroclaus™
  • Amine based tail gas clean-up processes (SCOT™, BSR/MDEA™, HCR™, ReSulf™, Flexsorb™, LTGT™ and many others
  • Beavon-Stretford™
  • Lo-Cat™
  • Selectox™
  • SO2 removal processes including Wellman Lord™, Cansolv™, ClausMaster/Dynawave™ and others
In a typical plant testing program, an experienced Sulphur Experts’ crew, consisting of a lead engineer and an analytical specialist will come to your site to sample, analyse and optimise your process. Our analysts will take the necessary process stream samples and analyse them on-site using our proprietary GC-based analytical systems. Our engineers will gather operating data and conduct detailed on-site simulations using Sulsim® and other proprietary engineering tools, to identify optimisation opportunities and provide specific recommendations to improve long-term performance and reliability.

In addition to our conventional plant troubleshooting projects, Sulphur Experts employs these same specialised methods to conduct:
Our experience in these processes includes applications in:
  • Oil refining facilities
  • Sour gas processing facilities
  • Oil sands upgrading facilities
  • SAGD gas processing facilities
  • Coke production facilities
  • ICGG facilities
  • CS2 and other base production facilities