Plant Commissioning Support

Sulphur Experts can provide on-site support to your engineering and operations groups to successfully start up your sulphur recovery or tail gas clean-up plant. Our qualified engineering staff will work along-side your staff during the final preparations to ensure a safe and smooth start-up and protection of plant equipment and systems.

Typical activities for a successful plant start-up include:
  • pre-start-up equipment inspections
  • equipment and systems verification
  • supervision of catalyst loading and preparation
  • start-up procedure review
  • start-up process monitoring including on-site gas analysis and data review


Sulphur Experts has recently completed the following plant commissioning projects:

  • SCOT® plant start-up for existing two train Sulphur recovery block in France
  • SCOT® plant start-up for existing Sulphur recovery blocks at 3 Mexican facilities