Performance Guarantee and Compliance Testing

Virtually every new plant or re-vamped plant will have a minimum Performance Guarantee provided by the engineering company or technology vendor. In order to fairly assess plant performance for the owner it is critical that a comprehensive plant performance test be completed. Sulphur Experts has extensive experience in this area and has completed accurate and impartial performance guarantee tests for hundreds of clients.

Sulphur Experts works closely with the technology provider or the plant operating company to ensure that the process is meeting or exceeding the process license guarantee. In the event that the process is not meeting the desired targets, Sulphur Experts personnel are capable of providing an immediate evaluation and making on-site recommendations to bring the process into specification.

Sulphur Experts has developed many proprietary methods for measuring and determining the actual plant performance. We are also proficient in using industry standard methods for conducting plant tests including all EPA and ASTM methods. We work with the client to set out the desired methods and then execute those methods efficiently and accurately.

Sulphur Experts has completed plant performance guarantee tests in virtually every country and environmental jurisdiction around the world and are fully conversant in the required testing methodologies.

These same methods and techniques are also used to conduct any required ongoing Compliance Tests related to sulphur recovery efficiency and plant emissions. These tests include verifying the:

  • sulphur recovery efficiency
  • reaction furnace efficiency (BTEX and ammonia destruction efficiency)
  • incinerator oxidation efficiency
  • sulphur degassing system performance
Companies around the world rely on Sulphur Experts to provide their quarterly or annual sulphur plant recovery efficiency compliance tests.

Sulphur Experts has recently completed the following plant performance guarantee and compliance testing projects:
  • SRU and Superclaus™ plant performance guarantee tests in Saudi Arabia
  • SCOT™ plant performance guarantee test in France
  • SRU plant sulphur recovery and ammonia destruction compliance tests in Texas
  • SRU and SCOT™ sulphur recovery guarantee tests in Alberta
  • Degassing system performance guarantee test in Alberta
  • SRU and HCR™ sulphur recovery guarantee tests in Italy
  • SRU and Superclaus™ plant performance guarantee tests in UAE
  • SRU and Sulfreen™ sulphur recovery compliance tests in France