Process Selection Studies

With ever-increasing sulphur recovery and SO2 emissions regulations, many plants are considering major plant upgrades or entirely new sulphur recovery plants. Also, as plant capacity is challenged with the processing of more sour gas streams and higher sulphur content in crude oil, additional sulphur plant processing capacity may be needed. Selection of the most appropriate sulphur recovery technology to meet your specific needs can be crucial to the long term performance of the system and to the cost of installing and operating the plant.

Sulphur Experts has extensive experience with virtually every sulphur recovery technology available on the market today. We use that knowledge and experience to provide clients with an expert and impartial assessment of sulphur recovery technology options available to meet their specific needs.

Our detailed process selection evaluation includes all of the possible technology choices and highlights the relative advantages and disadvantages of each as they apply to your application. The final result will be a clear recommendation on the best choice for your plant. In addition, Sulphur Experts can provide current and accurate level 1 capital cost estimates for the recommended processes to ensure your decision is the right one, from both a technical and cost perspective.

Our process selection studies will consider the following:
  • Acid gas feed quality
  • Throughput and vessel sizing
  • Sulphur recovery efficiency requirements
  • Operability.