Plant Design Review

The plant design process is normally managed by the operating company working with a detailed design engineering company. However, the design process may be influenced by a number of factors including the current experience of the design company; access to proprietary technology; or by the implied cost limitations imposed on the project by the operating company. As a result, the final design may not be completely optimized for the specific application.

As an impartial third party, Sulphur Experts can provide a direct and thorough review of the detailed design provided to you by your engineering partner. Sulphur Experts will review the design to ensure that it:

  • meets all of the requirements set forth in the scope of work;
  • employs a technology and configuration that matches the design specification; and 
  • employs equipment and systems that follow current best engineering practices.

Sulphur Experts has experience in providing detailed plant design reviews for new plants as well as for modifications or upgrades to existing plants.


A typical detailed design review includes the following:
  • Review of all design assumptions and feed gas compositions
  • Review of process simulations and completion of additional simulations if needed
  • Review of general process configuration and adherence to good engineering practice
  • Review of detailed equipment arrangement and adherence to good engineering practice