Plant Capacity Studies

Sulphur Experts has extensive experience in completing detailed capacity, de-bottlenecking and down-sizing studies for all types of sulphur recovery and tail gas clean-up units. 

An on-site test will yield all of the process-specific data required to determine the current condition of the sulphur plant. From there, full heat and material balances are completed, and this data in conjunction with the plant's mechanical drawings are then used to evaluate each major operating component in the facility. Finally, a comparison between the test results and the original design data is made. From this it is possible to identify the maximum feed gas flow rate which can be successfully processed, and identify those units which limit the operation for any given feed gas flow rate.

A typical plant capacity study provides a detailed assessment of the following:
  • Hydraulic capacity of the plant and impacts on all equipment
  • Heat exchange equipment
  • Reaction furnace and main burner requirements
  • Fired equipment 
  • Catalytic converters
  • Piping systems
  • Control valve systems
  • Incinerator and Stack