Sulphur Analysis - H2S in Liquid Sulphur

Sulphur that is produced in modern sulphur recovery units must meet strict quality guidelines including the total H2S concentration. Traditional sampling and analytical methods for determining total H2S are time consuming and often inaccurate, even when left to experienced laboratory personnel.

Sulphur Experts was involved in the development of proprietary sulphur sampling and FTIR-based analytical methods for quick and safe determination of H2S and H2Sx in liquid sulphur. These methods have become the industry standard based on their accuracy, repeatability and ease of operation. The normal analytical range for measuring total H2S in liquid sulphur is 2 ppmw to more than 300 ppmw.

Sulphur Experts also markets a dedicated H2S in Liquid Sulphur Analysis System and routinely includes this analysis as part of our on-site services. For additional information, please visit our FTIR Products page or download our H2S Analysis in Liquid Sulphur Brochure.