Sulphur Experts is a world recognised process engineering company providing specialised testing, analytical and engineering support services to the sulphur recovery industry. Sulphur Experts traces its roots to its predecessor company, Western Research, and is credited with inventing and implementing key analytical and engineering methods and tools used to test, evaluate and optimise sulphur recovery and associated processes.

Throughout our thirty five-year history, Sulphur Experts has provided industry with a unique combination of highly specialised engineering and analytical services for a wide variety of applications and processes. Sulphur Experts has completed more than 1000 projects in over 56 countries and continues to be recognised as the pre-eminent provider of plant testing and optimisation services by the world’s leading production, engineering and service companies. In 2010, Sulphur Experts completed over 150 sulphur recovery related projects around the world.

Sulphur Experts' success in these fields is due to a combination of specialised analytical methods (including proprietary sulphur compound and ammonia detection methods), engineering tools (including Sulsim®), as well as our experienced personnel, who are recognised as leaders in their fields.

Sulphur Experts also maintains an active research and development department which continues to invent and develop innovative analytical and engineering methods for evaluating sulphur recovery-related processes.
Sulphur Experts has direct experience and world leading expertise in the evaluation and optimisation of:

Sulphur Recovery Processes
  • Modified-Claus
  • ClinSulf™
  • Lo-Cat™
  • Selectox™
  • CrystalSulf™

Tail Gas Clean-up Processes
  • Beavon Stretford™
  • SCOT™
  • BSR Amine™
  • Resulf™
  • HCR™
  • RAR™
  • LTGT™
  • Superclaus™
  • Euroclaus™
  • Sulfreen™
  • CBA™
  • MCRC™
  • MaxiSulf™
  • MODOP™
  • Cansolv™
  • Wellman Lord™
  • ClausMaster/Dynawave™