Pilot Testing and Optimisation Studies

How effective is your amine plant separation/filtration system?

Filtration Experts is equipped to bring test equipment on-site to perform short term and long term continuous testing of various process liquid and gas streams. This testing can provide valuable information regarding process contaminants including:
  • Particulate concentration
  • Water and/or Hydrocarbon carry-over
  • Contaminant variability
  • Analysis for contaminant quantification (see Analytical Services)
Ultimately, this information will lead to a better understanding of process contaminant issues and identification of cost-effective strategies to address them.

If necessary, Filtration Experts can also design, build and operate specialised pilot-scale test equipment to meet specific needs. Whether clients are looking to improve current separation/filter system performance in their amine plant, or design a new system, Filtration Experts can assist. We can set up a pilot program to assess options and demonstrate the best filter technology for facility-specific applications. Filtration Experts is not associated with any vendor companies and will provide an independent assessment to ensure the best technology is recommended.