Technology Selection,

Implementation and Project Management

Energy Experts can assist clients in evaluating and implementing new technology projects to meet their energy efficiency objectives. These opportunities are typically identified as a result of the Integrated Audit process and designed to meet specific energy conservation and/or GHG reduction objectives. 

Energy Experts has managed a number of technology demonstration programs and maintains close ties with specialty companies that provide innovative approaches to achieving improved energy efficiency in the industry. This, coupled with our own in-house expertise in specialised areas (sulphur and amine plant optimisation, incineration, fired heaters etc.) provides a broad range of skills available to assist industry in achieving a higher level of performance.

These projects are also often candidates for funding support from sponsoring agencies or qualify for research tax credits. Energy Experts can assist in identifying both technology and funding opportunities and work with clients to ensure program objectives are met.

For example, a recent tail-gas incinerator upgrade project at an Alberta sour gas processing facility realized a 30 to 40 % reduction in fuel gas consumption. Energy Experts was involved in the design, procurement, installation and testing of a new high-efficiency burner that significantly improved oxidation of total reduced sulphur compounds in the tail gas. This project has the potential to save more than $1 million/year in fuel gas and reduce GHG emissions by more than 6 kilotonnes per year.