Incinerator Optimisation

Energy Experts provides specialised incinerator optimisation services including the following:

  • Sulphur plant tail gas incinerator optimisation – stack top temperature reductions (STTR)
  • Regulatory support for permit/Approval amendments associated with incinerator optimisation; and
  • Specialised incineration applications including hazardous waste treatment. 

Tail Gas Incinerator Optimisations – Stack Top Temperature Reductions (STTR)

Tail Gas Incinerator Optimisation through the stack top temperature reduction process (STTR) and tiered SO2 emission targets are accepted in Alberta, Canada by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) as good operating practice in cases where proof of compliance with their stated conditions are met. Such work has resulted in fuel gas savings of 20 to 30 percent in many incinerators, and up to as much as 50 percent in several plants. Reductions in CO2 emissions are commensurate with the fuel gas savings. 

Independent of where your facility is located, there may be significant opportunities to reduce fuel gas consumption in tail gas incinerators. Fuel gas reductions in the range of 10 to 40 percent may be realized through operational changes and permit/Approval amendments. In combination with capital investment in new technology, savings in excess of 50% may be possible. 

Regulatory and Public Consultation Support

Energy Experts staff have conducted numerous incinerator optimisation/stack top temperature projects and are available to assist clients with both regulatory and public consultation support throughout the process. Energy Experts can assist with preparation of regulatory applications, provide technical support in meetings with AER and conduct any additional analyses/data interpretations required to meet regulatory information needs. 

Energy Experts staff also have significant experience in developing public information/consultation programs and can support clients in addressing any public/stakeholder issues and meet regulatory consultation requirements. These services are available on an as-required basis and would be tailored to meet specific client/project needs. 

Incinerator Applications and Optimisation (Hazardous Waste)

Energy Experts has extensive experience in the evaluation, operation, optimisation and regulatory aspects of various types of incinerators, thermal oxidizer and thermal desorption systems for industrial installations and soil remediation. Staff have extensive experience working with a variety of different thermal treatment technologies with specific expertise in facility operation and regulatory affairs related to hazardous waste treatment facilities.