Fired Equipment Evaluation,

Performance Verification and Efficiency Testing

Energy Experts can evaluate fired equipment including performance verifications and efficiency testing. Evaluations and testing have been conducted on numerous types of fired equipment including conventional boilers, once thru steam generators (OTSGs), incinerators and fired heaters. Efficiency testing is conducted in accordance with ASME PTC 4-2008 using in-house analytical capabilities. 

In addition, Energy Experts has developed a Fired Heater Management Program to assist clients in optimizing fuel use in fired heaters. Energy Experts works with companies to compile a comprehensive inventory of equipment, screen units, prioritize opportunities and train staff to implement the program. Energy Experts developed critical tools to facilitate program implementation including:

  • Fired Heater Database: A database template, using Microsoft Access, based on the recommendations of the Fired Heater BMP;
  • Screening Tool: Used to identify priority candidates for optimisation based on available design and operations information incorporated into the Fired Heater Database;
  • Optimization Tool: This tool uses design and operating information, as well as the results of field investigations, (e.g. combustion analysis), to identify key optimisation opportunities.