Integrated Audit

The integrated audit employs a team of experts, who simultaneously conduct process unit and equipment evaluations and collaborate on their findings. This approach leads to the identification of energy reduction strategies that can far exceed performance gains that are available through single process unit optimisation alone. We recognize that resources are limited and focus our recommendations to maximize your return on investment.

Energy Experts recognizes the value of raising in-plant awareness and understanding of the energy efficiency audit process. We encourage the full participation of engineering, technical and operational staff during the audit and will conduct an in-depth review of the results when complete. This approach helps establish staff “buy in” throughout the project and builds the internal knowledge base and support that is critical to realizing and maintaining the benefits.

The audit report will identify opportunities and establish recommendations based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Improvements that can be achieved through enhanced operational and management practice that require little or no capital investment 
  2. Opportunities that can be achieved with existing technology but require modest capital investment; and 
  3. Longer-term initiatives that involve new technology. 

The Integrated Audit can include an assessment of as many as 16 unit operations extending to both on-site and off-site equipment and systems. The audit can be performed in a period of about four weeks, with at least one week required for on-site data collection and analysis.

A post-audit evaluation is also recommended to document actual performance improvements. The post-audit evaluation also provides a third-party confirmation of energy intensity – including the corresponding reduction in GHG emissions.

Energy Experts has conducted numerous Integrated Audits at facilities ranging from oil sands facilities to large sour gas processing plants. The results speak for themselves:

  • Fuel gas savings of 12.5%, worth an estimated $15 million/year; and 
  • Potential GHG reductions of 240,000t CO2E/year. 
We can assemble an experienced team of experts to meet the specific requirements of your facility or operation.