Data Evaluation and Process Optimization


Assessing plant operating and test data allows for a quick evaluation of the quality of water pick-up, hydrocarbon species solubility, and glycol circulation. A heat and material balance will indicate how closely the facility is operating compared to the design and/or theoretical ideal. Process simulation software using current test data, operating parameters and mechanical performance is an effective tool to identify where and what changes may be required to ensure the plant is operating at an efficient and cost controlled manner.


Dehydration Experts’ on-site services allow us to make immediate, on-the-spot process recommendations to improve plant efficiency. The theory behind each suggestion will also be made clear.


Optimizing an existing plant can result in:

  • Cost savings resulting from reduced glycol loss, equipment repair and energy usage;
  • Increased treated gas quality
  • Reduced foaming incidents;
  • Reduced filter consumption; and
  • Reduced “upsets”.