Dehydration and Refrigeration Technical Training Course


Course Overview 


The Dehydration Experts course provides specialized training in the design, operation and troubleshooting of

dehydration and refrigeration processes. The course scope and objectives include:

  • Review of the science behind the formation of hydrates, dehydration and refrigeration systems and their application in gas processing;
  • Provide an overview of current technologies for hydrate control, dehydration, hydrocarbon recovery and hydrocarbon dew point control;
  • Provide practical process knowledge to facilitate  system performance and optimization; and
  • Equip participants to recognize and troubleshoot performance problems.

The course provides a comprehensive overview on the need for, and application of dehydration and refrigeration technologies in gas processing. It also presents  case studies to expose participants to a range of real-life operational problems. Each case is discussed in detail and solutions are provided. The course presents theoretical principles of dehydration and refrigeration but primarily focuses on practical aspects of system design and operation.


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Dehydration Course Outline 


Who's it For?


The course will be of value to anyone interested in getting the absolute best performance out of their dehydration and refrigeration units for gas processing.  In particular, scientists, engineers and operators who want to become the go-to resource for dehydration and refrigeration within their company, this is the course for you. By attending the course attendees will also obtain practical information to help save on operating costs, maintenance costs and improve system performance.