On-Site Sampling and Analysis

Amine Experts provides comprehensive and impartial high-level amine operations support, including a complete package of analytical and engineering capabilities. This includes on-site plant evaluations based on actual field data and stream analysis. This information provides the basis for material balance calculations, computer simulations to provide operating guidelines, assessment of corrosion potential, evaluation of amine solution degradation potential and associated process effects on the amine unit.

Amine Experts has the capability of analysing any type of gas or LPG stream, with all sulphur components quantified down to parts-per-million levels.

A typical plant testing involves analysing the gas or LPG streams in and out of each absorber, flash gas and acid gas from each regenerator. All samples are analysed onsite, as soon as possible after being taken.

Amine Experts will provide a complete gas or LPG composition breakdown including:
  • Hydrocarbons up to C10
  • All sulphur species (H2S, COS, CS2, SO2, mercaptans)
  • BTEX
  • Miscellaneous (H2, N2, CO2, CO, etc).
As a completely independent engineering consulting company, Amine Experts can be open and honest about the best options for the amine treating facility. Our many years of experience in troubleshooting and optimizing hundreds of facilities enables us to provide a wealth of knowledge to any particular situation and provides the benefit of using our shared learning on similar applications or problems.

Amine Experts personnel are highly trained in the area of gas sampling and analysis. This service provides the basis for detailed engineering studies used for process evaluation and optimisation. Analytical services include:
  • on-site gas and liquid sampling 
  • on-site gas analysis to determine all of the process stream components 
  • customised data collection 
  • technical support to customer lab personnel 
  • review of plant sampling and analysis methods