Amine Experts, a division of Sulphur Experts Inc., offers expert process engineering and evaluation services for Amine systems at natural gas processing and oil refining facilities around the world. Amine systems are used to remove H2S and CO2 from sour gas or LPG and no one knows these systems better than Amine Experts.

Amine Experts has a worldwide reputation as a leader in providing analytical and process engineering support to operators of amine systems. Our engineers and technicians have extensive hands-on experience and can provide practical support to optimize the performance of amine systems and sour water systems in a wide range of applications. Since 1998, Amine Experts has performed projects in over 50 countries, involving many different styles and types of amine and glycol plants, merox and sour water stripper systems.

We provide on-site sampling and analytical services to troubleshoot performance issues and solve process problems. Our experts also provide technical training at our internationally recognised Amine Seminars to ensure both plant engineers and operators understand the intricacies of effective design and operation to get the most out of their systems. We also provide specialised on-site training tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Amine Experts operates globally and provides services to clients around the world. Additional information regarding our specialised services is provided under the following areas:
Our staff have operations and troubleshooting experience with all of the amine process systems currently employed including:
  • Generic Amines: MEA, DEA, MDEA, DGA, DIPA 
  • Chemical / Physical Solvents: Sulfinol, Competitive Formulations 
  • Mixed Amines: MEA/MDEA, DEA/MDEA 
  • Formulated Amines: Gas/Spec, Jefftreat, Ucarsol, activated MDEA